WEDGES! just wow! I wish I could wear them 24/7
wedges for uni
wedges for home
wedges for driving
wedges for shopping
wedges for sleeping.. ugg boot wedges?
hmm.. well you catch my drift? I'm obsessed with them!
Ever since I went to the Philippines december last year to january this year I was looking EVERYWHERE for them, although I do think they had some nice ones in the Philippines I was blinded by finding some nice lace up ones like the atacoma acne ones. But now that there as some in Australia (like 5908983 months late) I already ordered my Jeffrey Campbell Clinics, so until I have a Job or the wedges magically drop from shoe heaven and wedge onto my feet I won't be sporting them anytime soon. oh well.. we can dream! here's some pics of wedges I've been dreaming of .. and of course the clinics im getting! =)
NOTE: if your a sydney-sider you can purchase yourself some wedges at Wanted, Sportsgirl, and ALDO. You could buy online at Solestruck, Karmaloop, Oak-nyc, and Topshop as they all ship to Australia. OR if your looking at a higher price range and want them to be more 'exclusive' you can go to Paddington on Oxford st in stores like Incu -- and ..I can't exactly remember all the store names but oxford st (I know its long) but it's pretty good.. if you've go the money $$$ also my fav store TUCHUZY in bondi its amazing! just go there!

May all your wedges dreams come true

xoxo B

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