So you thought Justice crew was amazing on last nights finale of Australia's got Talent huh? Well I did too! They were insane! I've actually witnessed first hand Solo's signature move - where his hands are his only support while he arches his back and moves his legs 360 degrees, it was completely jaw-dropping. They are all amazing and they inspire me to dance, although I might be terrible at it. Anyways, back to my original train of thought of where I was actually heading with this post... Australia's got Talent in the model industry - beyond Abbey Lee and Gemma Ward... CASSI VAN DEN DUNGEN does have talent and I miss seeing her doe eyed and pillow lipped face, and hearing her boganista attitude, she is undoubtedly amazing and hopefully some time soon (fingers crossed) she matures a little and realizes her potential! I would love to see her strutting her stuff for Alexander Wang, or Chanel. Look how beautiful she is...

Justice crew & Cassi Van den Dungen... who would of thought they'd both fit in the one post... ahh I love it!

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