In full bloom

I wore: American apparel V leotard, Jion's maxi skirt, belt and hat. - Amazing stuff wish it was mine. (actually I bought the leotard off her)
It's been a busy week trying to complete all my assignments which I actually enjoyed because they were fun assignments. For my 'Working with image and sound' course I made this one-minute soundtrack for the theme 'DREAMS' - i chose to create a soundtrack for a nightmare because I always seem to remember them more so than good dreams about nick jonas, spanish boys, dream closet I mean - life haha.  So check it out here and let me know what you think.
p.s the photo of the flower is by my awesome cousin - Marjo :) and the pictures of me are by Jion (again)

xoxo B.
update: I realize the link to the soundtrack doesn't work if you don't have a multiply account. I'll post it up so you can listen to it somehow.. maybe youtube? 

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