An op-shop treasure

I wore: Thrifted lime green blazer, random white lace Tee, DIY ripped denim jeans, Sportsgirl heels, Rado watch, Random jewellery

Words: grace
These are photos from Friday when Bas & I decided to have a little adventure. I had just bought this great blazer from an OpShop in Burwood and we were both free for the entire afternoon. The weather wasn't Spring-worthy but it was perfect for blazers and ripped jeans,
drives to country-style roads and little cafes.
This lime number is quickly becoming my favourite in a long love affair with blazers. It's actually a lot brighter and a little fluro-esque in real life and I saw it on the rack at The Smith Family store and almost squealed - at the jacket AND the price. The unbelievable bargains, the great finds, and the fact that you're not likely to see somebody wearing exactly the same thing are just some of the reasons to shop Topshop Opshop. Not only that, but most of the Opshops - which actually stand for Opportunity Shop -  are close, cheap and like St Vincent De Paul, Salvos or Smith Family - all go to a good cause.  So raid your local stores and I guarantee you'll find a little treasure hidden between oversized tweed jackets and grandma floral prints.

Hope everyone's having a great Father's day!

xox G.


  1. i love the blazer and the photography is always awesome ;) hahaha

  2. Grace always does a great job at finding some really great things! as well as her photography!

    xx Baz

  3. Thanks :) you wouldnt believe how cheap it was!

  4. That blazer is to die for!! x


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