Warning: wearing white

Grace wore: Cotton on lace panel Tee, Random black vest, white skinny jeans, Rubi shoes & assorted jewelery.
Its always hard wearing white pants, you always have to worry about where you sit, what your doing or even what your eating/drinking. However, I would have never thought you'd have to worry about what others were doing, this is the case when wearing anything white I suppose we learn't this when our silly brother decided to step in the mud, lie down and hang his feet just off the deck and when grace took two steps dangerously close to his muddy shoes her white pants were no longer held that flawless finish but rather two dirt stains (which luckily went away with some water)
For me I wasn't so fortunate. Last weekend when I went clubbing with some girlfriends from my old school, I decided to wear a cropped white lace-ish top with my black leather skirt and vintage white blazer. I think the outfit gods were warning me when before we even left the hotel I had stained my top with makeup (which I only half washed out) and when pouring a drink the drink fell toward me..but not far enough for contact. You'd think this would be enough to warn me to be careful because I was wearing white. 
But no, I didn't listen.
So we went out to the club, bought the birthday girl a drink, danced a little... turned around to tell the birthday girl something but to my surprise she leaned toward me to tell me something. and BAM! white top ruined! Her freshly-made, untouched vodka rasberry was well on its right down the front of my white top. ahh its really dangerous wearing white. Lesson learnt!

xoxo B


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