Just like a Star

Trying to get away from the Paparazzi... aka Angelica
Cropped Topshop Tee, Grace's thrifted maxi Skirt, vintage belt and bag, Sportsgirl Hat and Glassons Sandals.
It says: BE AFRAID, I thought it gave my lil outfit a bit of punk. you like?
I know, I am obsessed and so excited. I love you ZARA. Can't wait until we meet again! - You must think I'm crazy, and... I AM :)

MidCity is a Sydney girl's Shopping paradise! A place where amazing amazing window displays exist - I'm talking rotating/revolving window display; a place where you can have the store literally feel upside down (peter Alexander I'm talking to you), a place where that truly transforms a shopping experience, and finally a place I'd love to be at right now! MidCity and whatever-it-is where Zara is (apparently its not MidCity..its something else?) is where we trekked to to shop for Angelica's accessories and shoes for her formal. We left with some very very nice things and wished we could stay for longer. But a trip to the tailor was long over due and needed to get Angelica's dressed fitted properly asap! As she stood in front of the gold framed mirror with the tailor pinning the dress here and there she said: "I feel like I'm at a Rachel Zoe fitting" and we all know what that's like thanks to watching The Rachel Zoe Project. haha well I'm off to decorate the rest of my house. I'll post pictures when I'm all finished!
Lots of love, little B.

Here's what angelica wore: Glassons knitted top, Agent 99 skirt, Novo Shoes and Mum's bag.
P.s sorry for the crappy photo. We were on a mission and couldn't really stop for photos!

I'll just leave you with this video from my talented friend Reggie:


"BE A MAN" - wear pants!

Temt Fringe vest, vintage bag and blue singlet from the markets, Glassons pants and sandals.

pic from Songofstyle.com
I wore this the other day to church and I was feeling a little bit crazy with the printed pants, electric blue top and always swaying fringed vest but I like it. I like it alot. I need to get more 3/4 pants. I love the look!
You Get the Picture right?
pic from Karlascloset.com
The Stylish Wanderer


A girl can dream

Christmas Present ideas mum?
haha, here's a few things that I really wish I could get my hands on some time soon. Hopefully I can find some similar things at a more... comfortable price. A girl can dream can't see? I love all these things, and making this collage made me want them even more.
From left to Right here are my 14 lovely items for summer!

1. Alice McCall top & shorts
2. Shakuhachi shoes
3. ManiaMania Ring
4. Camilla & Marc pants

5. Cotton On Singlet
6. Karen Walker Sunnies
7. Christian Dior Fashion Dictionary book
8. Josh Goot Dress
9. Shakuhachi Dress
10. Pamela Love Cuff
11. Alexander Wang bag

12. Celine Clog-Wedges
13. Marc Jacobs Watch (yesss I still want it!)
14. Balenciaga Perfume

but seriously mum... I want a few of these things... ahem** Balenciaga Perfume, Shakuhachi Dress & Karen Walker Sunnies... Josh Goot dress too if your feeling generous! 



I wear: Glassons denim shirt, dress, rings and stripe singlet with vintage belt, rubi shoes, brother's Industrie watch, Sportsgirl hat and a special vintage find ...fake Chanel backpack. (dammit I wish I was real!)

I was feeling a little bit too girly in this white dress so I popped an oversized denim shirt, lace up boots, vintage belt and my brothers massively man-ly watch to make me feel a wee bit edgy. Right now I'm working on making my own little garment from this beautiful blue chiffon fabric I bought yesterday. I'm not really sure what I'm going to make just yet...anyone have any suggestions? I'm not a pro sewer or anything so I'm opting for a simple garment that I can make without a pattern - now I'm talking reeeaaal basic stuff here guys! Last time I made something (my halloween costume) my little sister who is 15 laughed at my amateur sewing and fabric cutting skills. Hopefully it won't make anyone laugh but rather wide-eyed with amazement :) I'll keep you posted.
Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to rock out in style this week!

P.s I'm on the mission to find some other awesome aussie bloggers, because although international bloggers are awesome too - our seasons are just colliding too much and I'm finding myself wanting to dress in winter clothes and fur coats rather than loose maxi skirts and barely there shorts. so please If you know any drop a line below. Please and Thankyou!
lots of love,


Blogger royalty

Blogger inspiration 
1. Nicole/Gary Pepper Vintage
2. Aimee/Song of Style
3. Karen/WheredidUgetthat
4. Rumi/Fashion Toast
5. The Fashionable boys at Street Etiquette
6. Karla/Karla's Closet
7. Sandra/5 inch and Up
I find that browsing around other blogs is way better than browsing through celebrity gossip magazines looking for style inspiration on those days when you think 'I've got nothing to wear'! Although I don't have a booming bank balance to get luxe garments like them, I like to take and element of their style - whether it be the colours, accessories or layers, then twist it my way or with whatever it is I have. 
One of my fav. things to do at the moment is to experiment and see what I can come up with. The funniest thing I find when I get dressed or am going shopping I always hear myself saying.. 'that is so Karen-wheredidugetthat' or 'I am so Karla's Closet right now' haha lame I know, but its true. I see my style changing constantly as I continue to be influenced and inspired by these bloggers and the many others that I follow. 

Lots of love,


redddy, setty, go.

Did you know that climbing on rocks in a bright orangey-red dress can attract staring eyes? Did you taking pictures on rocks in front of a shore full of people is highly embarrassing? Did you know its also embarrassing when your boss tells you that your blog was shown on a work conference?  haha but it was also really hilarious and flattering at the same time. I would've never guessed that people would actually really appreciate my blog. So after I hearing this from my manager I have been completely re-energized and inspired to keep on blogging. So have no fear! I am back and extremely excited to get my blog on! So don't miss a thing and click follow <--- on the side bar or via bloglovin'
Peace & love
your friend here at little-ladylove
- Baz
Sportsgirl hat, temt dress, zimmermann bikini and raybans  



She just has amazing hair really. I hope to get my hair similar to this in a few weeks. hehe-haha can't wait to get it done and show you! lots of love, little B.


Web-back Spider

leona edmiston head scarf, mish-mash black tank with webbed back from schoolies **yay**, Zimmermann bikini, vintage necklaces, thrifted skirt, mums aldo belt and grace's sportsgirl shoes (very similar to the ysl tribute heels)
Recently I got a new zimmermann bikini which is like a 1950's corset bikini and I thought it looks great as a bustier top to wear with high-waisted shorts - kind of channelling that karla's closet vibe. But I'll save that outfit for another post, this outfit was a mixture of things I haven't worn lately or not at all. You probably remember Angelica wearing this maxi skirt in a few posts back but I wanted to rework it and style it in a different way. I like that this outfit isn't so matchy-matchy and it's something that I wouldn't usually put together. I was feeling a little kooky/inspired so this is what I came up with. its like crazy with the colours, the patterns and the details...i like it. hope you all do to!
Enjoy your weekend! Be Safe! And remember to rock it!
lots and lots of love from this side of the blogesphere,
- your little lady, B.

p.s can you actually tell that I'm little... as in short?
p.p.s hence my blog title 'little-ladylove' get it?
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Cherry blossoms

Angelica wears: Glassons dress

If there is one thing to signify spring I would say the Cherry Blossom. It embodies what spring is all about: light colours, flowy materials and that beautiful feminine feeling! And I think this quote from the poem "Cherry Blossoms Adrift" by Mary Fumento is what this seasons fashion is all about.

Pastel hues falling
Slow fluttering grace
Pink petals passing
Lining streams in lace

How trends can you pick out? I picked: A. Pastel Hues and B. lace.
I love spring!
Hope your loving it too.
lots of love, little B.


Mad as a hatter.

Winter Kate Jasmine Cardi, random lace dress, Lipstick boots, vintage belt and Glassons hat.
Do you like my nails? It's OPI's limited edition Alice in Wonderland collection in - 'Mad as a Hatter' Crazy sparkles everywhere! Love it! UPDATE: on the weekend angelica bought her formal dress, it really is amazing. I'll do a post next on all the dresses that were possibilities, but didn't make the cut. 
Hope you are having a wonderful week - despite the extremely bi-polar weather here in Sydney.
lots of love, 
- Baz


Little piece of heaven.

This is how i'd like to remember this past week - beautiful, warm and inspiring.
Wednesday was the only day the sun was really shining here in Sydney, so as soon as I opened my curtains to see the clear blue skies, I jumped out of bed and with excitement - ran into grace's room screaming "Get up! Lets go to the beach" - although it actually took us more than an hour to actually leave our house (forgetting our printed directions and P plates), we finally arrived and enjoyed some Vitamin D. Then left just before the clouds came in. My week finished with a big family dinner at my house to farewell my grandparents who spen 6 months here with us, and 6 months back in the Philippines building family houses, looking after their farm and running around with their little tribe of grand kids. awww I will miss them dearly!
Who knows what this week will bring? (hint: outfit post - stay tuned)
lots of love,
- B


Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat? It's Halloween baby! I had such a blast this Halloween weekend it consisted of a bucket load of fake blood, insanely creative costumes, messy-messy hair, hairspray, endless layers of black eyeliner, dark lips and well...our dear friend vodka, of course! It was a night I will never forget! Kudos to 77 for the amazing decorations - cob webs lined the walls, while orange tassel things lined the ceiling (however eventually ended up either on the floor or around cam's hips), and...well I don't remember exactly, but it was amazing! As for costumes, I was impressed by everyone. See for yourself and check out the pics. P.s I was feeling really creative on Friday night and made my own Halloween couture costume. It was my first time since yr 9 textiles class that I had sewn something, so it turned out more amateur than couture.
I wore: DIY tulle dracula-like collared cape thing, DIY maxi skirt, American Apparel V leotard, vintage belt and Jeffrey Campbell Clinics.
Rafiki, me as a Scary bitch/witch/draculas wife?, featuring dead Prom Queen
Cave woman keelin. She is just 'keeeelin' it! (haha lame, I know)
Camcakes as a heartless bitch, and Belle as a ... i don't really remember? but something with an awesome white cape she made!
Bloody Mummy (literally) and Prom Queen
Meet the nun and the Priest
 Hope you all had a thrill of a weekend! xoxo little B.