Blogger royalty

Blogger inspiration 
1. Nicole/Gary Pepper Vintage
2. Aimee/Song of Style
3. Karen/WheredidUgetthat
4. Rumi/Fashion Toast
5. The Fashionable boys at Street Etiquette
6. Karla/Karla's Closet
7. Sandra/5 inch and Up
I find that browsing around other blogs is way better than browsing through celebrity gossip magazines looking for style inspiration on those days when you think 'I've got nothing to wear'! Although I don't have a booming bank balance to get luxe garments like them, I like to take and element of their style - whether it be the colours, accessories or layers, then twist it my way or with whatever it is I have. 
One of my fav. things to do at the moment is to experiment and see what I can come up with. The funniest thing I find when I get dressed or am going shopping I always hear myself saying.. 'that is so Karen-wheredidugetthat' or 'I am so Karla's Closet right now' haha lame I know, but its true. I see my style changing constantly as I continue to be influenced and inspired by these bloggers and the many others that I follow. 

Lots of love,

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