A girl can dream

Christmas Present ideas mum?
haha, here's a few things that I really wish I could get my hands on some time soon. Hopefully I can find some similar things at a more... comfortable price. A girl can dream can't see? I love all these things, and making this collage made me want them even more.
From left to Right here are my 14 lovely items for summer!

1. Alice McCall top & shorts
2. Shakuhachi shoes
3. ManiaMania Ring
4. Camilla & Marc pants

5. Cotton On Singlet
6. Karen Walker Sunnies
7. Christian Dior Fashion Dictionary book
8. Josh Goot Dress
9. Shakuhachi Dress
10. Pamela Love Cuff
11. Alexander Wang bag

12. Celine Clog-Wedges
13. Marc Jacobs Watch (yesss I still want it!)
14. Balenciaga Perfume

but seriously mum... I want a few of these things... ahem** Balenciaga Perfume, Shakuhachi Dress & Karen Walker Sunnies... Josh Goot dress too if your feeling generous! 

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  1. hey baz!
    i've seen those clog wedges on ebay! pretty sure they're a replica!
    if you want the link just let me know :)

    love this! i've got quite a few on my list this year too hahha...



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