Just like a Star

Trying to get away from the Paparazzi... aka Angelica
Cropped Topshop Tee, Grace's thrifted maxi Skirt, vintage belt and bag, Sportsgirl Hat and Glassons Sandals.
It says: BE AFRAID, I thought it gave my lil outfit a bit of punk. you like?
I know, I am obsessed and so excited. I love you ZARA. Can't wait until we meet again! - You must think I'm crazy, and... I AM :)

MidCity is a Sydney girl's Shopping paradise! A place where amazing amazing window displays exist - I'm talking rotating/revolving window display; a place where you can have the store literally feel upside down (peter Alexander I'm talking to you), a place where that truly transforms a shopping experience, and finally a place I'd love to be at right now! MidCity and whatever-it-is where Zara is (apparently its not MidCity..its something else?) is where we trekked to to shop for Angelica's accessories and shoes for her formal. We left with some very very nice things and wished we could stay for longer. But a trip to the tailor was long over due and needed to get Angelica's dressed fitted properly asap! As she stood in front of the gold framed mirror with the tailor pinning the dress here and there she said: "I feel like I'm at a Rachel Zoe fitting" and we all know what that's like thanks to watching The Rachel Zoe Project. haha well I'm off to decorate the rest of my house. I'll post pictures when I'm all finished!
Lots of love, little B.

Here's what angelica wore: Glassons knitted top, Agent 99 skirt, Novo Shoes and Mum's bag.
P.s sorry for the crappy photo. We were on a mission and couldn't really stop for photos!

I'll just leave you with this video from my talented friend Reggie:

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