redddy, setty, go.

Did you know that climbing on rocks in a bright orangey-red dress can attract staring eyes? Did you taking pictures on rocks in front of a shore full of people is highly embarrassing? Did you know its also embarrassing when your boss tells you that your blog was shown on a work conference?  haha but it was also really hilarious and flattering at the same time. I would've never guessed that people would actually really appreciate my blog. So after I hearing this from my manager I have been completely re-energized and inspired to keep on blogging. So have no fear! I am back and extremely excited to get my blog on! So don't miss a thing and click follow <--- on the side bar or via bloglovin'
Peace & love
your friend here at little-ladylove
- Baz
Sportsgirl hat, temt dress, zimmermann bikini and raybans  

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