Little piece of heaven.

This is how i'd like to remember this past week - beautiful, warm and inspiring.
Wednesday was the only day the sun was really shining here in Sydney, so as soon as I opened my curtains to see the clear blue skies, I jumped out of bed and with excitement - ran into grace's room screaming "Get up! Lets go to the beach" - although it actually took us more than an hour to actually leave our house (forgetting our printed directions and P plates), we finally arrived and enjoyed some Vitamin D. Then left just before the clouds came in. My week finished with a big family dinner at my house to farewell my grandparents who spen 6 months here with us, and 6 months back in the Philippines building family houses, looking after their farm and running around with their little tribe of grand kids. awww I will miss them dearly!
Who knows what this week will bring? (hint: outfit post - stay tuned)
lots of love,
- B

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