Busy B in Pink.

Bardot Blazer, Glassons: Lace Blouse, bustier top (worn underneath), High waisted Shorts, and leather belt. Vintage opal bracelet from the Antique center, gifted bag from my awesome grandma in Colorado and Sportsgirl sandals.
I wore this to work on tuesday. You like? Vote chic on my Chictopia
This whole week I have been so busy practising my driving, trying to hang with my family and with work. But it is now Thursday and I have some time to blog so here are a few updates to let you all in on. Firstly I passed my driving test and got my license!! YAY! Just in time for summer so I can head to the beach with the windows down and music blasting...now  I just need to know how to get there. ha. Secondly, I got my hair done yesterday by my awesome awesome hairdresser Mel. She wasn't able to do balayage (what i orginally wanted) but she did some blonde splices through my now, beautiful brunette hair. I love it and I definitely will take some pix today and show you hopefully soon!
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Be Safe these holidays & Have a great Christmas!
lots of love,
Your little Lady B.


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