Jumping out of a plane 14000ft or 4.3km above ground - it's something I never thought I would do, not even in my wildest dreams. But today I conquered it! And it has got to be one of the most amazing and surreal experiences out of my 18 yrs of living. Whenever I'm on a plane I've always wanted to be able to reach out and touch the fluffy clouds and to my surprise...there wasn't much to touch, just air really, but it was amazing nonetheless, cold up in the clouds but so surreal! I love flying in planes, but this might be my new favourite thing to do in the sky. Wooo! I'm still so filled with adrenaline and its 8:41pm - meaning I did it almost 6 hrs ago haha. It's just one of those "WOW-OMG am I really doing this?" moments.

What a great way to finish up 2010. Wish you all the best in the New Year and maybe even get to meet some of you on my 2011 Euro trip!

p.s I was re-reading Rachel Zoe's: Style A to Zoe, and she mentioned that on a Jewish Camp they had to go Hiking up a mountain and she wore heels because she never does flats...so this morning when I was getting dressed I considered it for a second, then I snapped back to reality -- I am not Rachel Zoe. haha imagine that though! ohh Rachel! Gotta love her!

xxo, B
Goodluck with 2011, try something you never thought you would do!


  1. WOW BAZ! that's amazing!

    I really wanna do it when I'm older .. I just don't have the balls. But I'm going to push myself.


  2. Do it! "Feel the fear and do it anyway" Its amazing, and the only scary part is the free fall when you first jump out of the plane. but its the best feeling!



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