DIY projects

Right now I'm working on designing and making some of my own clothes. At first I decided to go a little adventurous and beginning draping and what not. No Pattern, no real skills and little-to-no experience. Just me, my imagination, fabric and of course very excited fabric scissors! haha The first garment turned out well. It is a dress/kaftan chiffon thing. Its simple and really chic.

Next I was inspired by bloggers doing D.I.Y studded projects especially Karen from wheredidyougetthat.com So I ordered some studs online and started poking here and there. By the end of it by thumbs hurt immensely! I'm starting to think I needed some actual tools. Lesson learnt.

With those lessons learnt I decided to inquire about some sewing lessons near my house. The much older and well experienced ladies welcomed me into the workshop and took me under their wing. With much help and apparently natural skill I made some linen-high-waisted-wide-leg-pants. Here's how they turned out...

As lessons are now over for the year, fingers crossed I can remember what I've learned so far and hopefully continue to be creative this holidays. These pants are actually the first piece I've made from a pattern, I was getting ahead of myself thinking I could go all pro and pretend I was on 'Project Runway' with all the draping, cutting and sewing - which didn't really go the way I planned.
P.s sorry for being possibly the worst blogger all week.
P.p.s I will definitely post about Angelica's formal tomorrow when I get the pics.
You won't want to miss it!
Stay tuned,
xoxo Baz


  1. I love your studded shorts!
    May I ask where you bought your studs??

  2. Great work! Keep on at it, I'm excited to see your next projects!

  3. Omg bazzz I full wanted to do sewing lessons/classes too haha but had no clue where to look! That's so cool! Can't believe you made those pants from scratch!


  4. Thankyou everyone!

    @Laura: I got them off Ebay, sometimes the sellers will have linked their actual site which you can view more studs etc.

    @deep_in_vogue Thanks for the encouragement! I will definitely keep you all posted!

    @Loure: Mine is in Seven Hills, but I'm sure you can just google it or use the yellow pages and find one. Its so fun!

  5. I love your studded shorts!
    May I ask where you bought your studs??


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