So 2010

In 2010 I...
Brought my blog to life
Went to Papua new Guinea
Saw Mother Monster Live
Turned 18
Went Clubbing legally
Made awesome friends at uni & soaked up as much uni life...then deferred for 2011
Enjoyed many nights with friends in hotel rooms, living the life at the top
Finally got my drivers license
2010 = the year of the new. I tried so many new things I never thought I would even do. I went to Papua new Guinea for La Sallian Youth Ministry, I tried balut (don't judge me if you know what it is), I finished my first year of uni and surprisingly took a risk a deferred for next year, got a job in retail, met so many inspiring and amazing people, started this blog, began to be courageous and went skydiving and finally finally finally got my drivers license - this may not mean a lot to you, but for my brothers & sister who continually have to drive me places and pick me up - as well as my friends having to deal with my public-transport lateness, this sure means a lot!! I don't know where 2011 will take me but I'm so excited. With no uni commitments I plan on working my retail job as well as my new one at my old high school, then in my spare time doing the things that I've always wanted to do - continuing to learn to sew, learning the bits and bops to photography, furthering my styling skills with Wendy from Smittenwithstyle, applying for internships and work-experience as well as exploring Europe for the first time! Not only for World Youth day in Madrid but also to visit Grace who will be leaving us late Jan to spend a whole year in Spain.
2011 I'm ready for you! Bring it!

with love,
your little Lady B.

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