Wise words from Galliano.

Who is enjoying these End of year sales? I am!
When the majority of your family is living the life overseas without the only logical thing to do is attempt to do the same. So to follow our ultimate Sky-diving adventure yesterday my dad treated my little sis and I to a bit of a Shop. I thought I'd show you my new dark orange high-waisted shorts that I bought from Mossman . I think its the beauitful fabric and fit of the shorts that I love so much and I am seriously head over heels, in love with that store. I'm actually considering going back tomorrow to buy these two amazing tops that I didn't buy today - the fabrics they use are just so great and for the price its amazing! ...On another note,does anyone know when the delivery/Postman goes back to work? I am dying to receive my package from Saks! Delivery is estimated 6-11 days and tomorrow is the 11th day so, pretty please delivery man ring my frikkeen door bell already. You will understand my desire/desperation for the postman once I show you what I finally got.
I'll leave you all with this quote from Mary-Kate & Ashley's 'Influence' So that next time you hesitate between what you want to be wearing and what the rest of the world is wearing, that you will remember this quote and wear what you want to wear and not only feel but BE amazing!

"FASHION IS THERE TO BE ENJOYED! To be indulged - to WOW in. Be sensational everyday!"
- Galliano
Bec & Bridge dress, Mossman shorts, vintage bag, Diva necklace, Marc Jacobs spiral ring, gifted ring, Sportsgirl hat & shoes & Glassons Sunglasses.

xxo your little Lady
- Baz


  1. Your outfit is amazing!! I love your hat. :)


  2. Your outfit is amazing!! I love your hat. :)



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