Meet my friend Emma. One year out of high school she's transferred universities, modelled here in syd and now moved to the UK. She is definitely one face to watch!

After being repeatedly told to model during high school but pursuing a different course at uni, I was surprised when these photos surfaced my news feed on facebook. The whole of our grade knew she could do it and she actually did it. I think she makes our whole grade proud, proving that you can be what you want to be no matter what. It's a reality check for us all - we're all growing up, some will be models, some will be doctors, architects, engineers or electricians. Its just crazy! Now I'm rambling... I'm sure no matter what Emma does in university, acting, modelling or writing she will be great. Don't forget this face people, this is one model on the rise!

**All photos via her facebook, used with permission

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  1. wow great photos! i love the first one, especially that golden piglet, and also the one with the feather shawl! you have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other if you'd like :)

    love, M


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