Lighten up.

 This past week I've been so busy with work that I'm convinced that I cannot escape getting varicose veins :( Standing for 5 or more hours straight is bound to take some toll on my feet, so on my days off - like today, I tried not too walk too much. But being the nice sister that I am, I accompanied Grace who accompanied Angelica to Sydney's Whitehouse Institute of Design for her week-long course. Getting there involved minimal walking so I was pretty happy.  Plus, we were able to take a few snaps in this cool side street before we headed on home. Btw these shots required waiting a few minutes for the rubbish truck to leave as well as moments of slight embarrassment as men working on one of the units behind me walked back and forth starring at me and probably thinking: 'What the hell are these girls doing?' ohh well...all for the love of blogging! Right? 
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P.s it was really nice to meet two of my readers last week - very very unexpected! Special shout out to Jo if your reading this :)
xoxo Baz

Mums floral top, Zara skirt, Payless shoes.

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