Stripes, feathers, pink, green and blue.

Winter Kate Cardi, Glassons singlet, shorts and belt, Kanzi bag,industrie watch, ysl ring, & random jewellery.

Yesterday my boss handed me Nina Garcia's 'Little Black Book of Style' so on my train ride to and from work, before bed and when I woke up this morning I read it. I have become so engulfed by this book. It's addictive. So this is just a quick post of what I wore to work today because Nina is waiting and there is so much more to learn! Here is a quote by Edna Woolman Chase noted in Nina's book that completely resonates with me.

"Fashion can be bought.
Style one must possess."
                                          - Edna Woolman Chase


Thankyou for checking out the world of your Little Lady B. I hope you've left feeling a little bit more inspired :) Your comments do mean a lot to me so thanks in advance!