Seems like it's been forever

It has only been a week since I got back from Papua New Guinea for my Job as a Lasallian Youth Minister and it's already starting to feel like a life time ago that we were: riding freely in the back of the truck, eating all different variations of bananas and sweet potatoes, chewing beetle nut, bargaining for bilims and tribal jewellery, visiting villages, hanging out with gangstas aka our security and role playing the life of De La Salle in complete impromptu. Being surrounded by such kind and carefree papuans has reenergised me for the year ahead. Papua New Guinea has left me very inspired by their traditional culture which I hope you may see an influence of in my first shoot planned in late march -- SUPER excited! P.s check out my PNG vid down below...



All images scanned from Harper's Bazzar Australia

Here's whats inspiring me for my Fall aka Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I've never done white on white, but I'm on the look out for some white high waisted pants with a really simple cut and strong structure.  Kind of like this Camilla and Marc ensemble, except with stark white and 3/4 skinny leg pants instead of shorts. 
Digg it?

P.s I'll be home tomorrow! Atm, I'm in Carins. Be back in Sydney tomorrow.  Can't wait to tell you everything!



I love Missoni & I love Gossip girl, so when I saw the article "Leighton Meester for Missoni & Missoni for Gossip Girl" on 2threads you could imagine how fast my speedy fingers clicked away. Then I was pleased to see this vid. Kudos to the director of the vid Mel Bles, it really showcases how modern these Missoni prints are. I'm in love! The prints are so unique and when you see those crazy colourful zig-zag like pattern you know only one thing - Missoni.



Finally injected some Shakuhachi into my starving wardrobe. I noticed I hadn't invested much into day dresses, so a few weeks ago - during the heat wave - I had had enough and needed a dress ASAP! This dress was perfect. The weird half-only-side of tiered layers, lace detail, dark floral print  (less nana, more tres chic) and the longer back = love! Everything I want in a day dress. Thankyou Shakuhachi for this beautiful creation. Also before I forget... do you like my new belt? I scored it at vinnies Surry Hills when I was on my way back from The Fabric Store. It was $6 bucks. I also found some patent leather senso boots, but I resisted the impulse buy. Proud? I sure am. I need to re-watch 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. Bye for now, be back soon.
Shakuhachi dress, thrifted/vintage belt, Beau Coops wedges, Colette ring and Lovisa Bangles.


Leopard bottoms

Glassons cropped crochet singlet and leopard print shorts, Vintage belt, colette ring and Sportsgirl wedges.
Last sunday marked the last day at our old store and this is what I wore. 0o0o la la I'm rhyming. I can't wait for the new and heavily improved interior of my work. You will honestly will feel like you are shopping in the high streets of sydney. Warning: you may never want to leave the change rooms or shop anywhere else. I'm super excited and can't wait to get back from Papua New Guinea and be welcomed back with beautiful interiors. Nothing gets me more excited than interiors which complete that shopping experience... ahh it may not be "The Corner Shop" but it may well be the next best thing. Go Glassons go!

xxo B


Wardrobe updates

Playing around on my new MacBook pro. Sorry PC it was nice knowing you. 
1. Sportsgirl leather gloves 2. Sportsgirl sunnies 3. Me playing around in photobooth 4. Shakuhachi Day tripper sun dress

I'm looking forward to styling a shoot with a few of my friends in March for Autumn/Winter so I justified buying these gloves to A. obviously keep my hands warm (so much coverage! aha) and B. for styling purposes. My dad laughed, but I think they're BANANAS! Very Carrie-bradshaw.

P.s  I'm off to Papua New Guinea today. However, I've been feeling pretty inspired lately so I've scheduled a few posts to fill my absence. Keep rockin' your style and I will be back in 10 days!  

your little-lady,


Like a bird in a cage.

Zimmermann slip and dress, Beau Coops Wedges, Sheike and colette rings and Lovisa Bangles.

I wore this on saturday night to a friends Birthday cocktail party which was filled with classy passion pop, 'roofies on ice',  a beautiful trillion course meal, the most amazing baked cheesecake and most of all, great company and good times. It's times like these I live for.  They are the break between all the chaos of working two jobs... and I don't get many breaks. On another note, saturday night was definitely an opportunity to get dressed up and feel ultra feminine. As you've probably noticed I don't wear much pink or purple, so this bright purple and pastel floral printed dress made me feel like a caged bird a beautiful butterfly. haha -lame- 
Inspired by a customer who was inspired by vogue. I gave this look a try in OPI's Mad as a Hatter and Sportsgirl nail polish. I'm thinking Orange an fluro pink next... colour blocking -- clearly inspired by my previous post.
P.s This thursday I leave for Papua New Guinea for my job as a La Sallian Youth Minister. You might be thinking... What a random? Who is this girl? What is there in Papua New Guinea? wait...What's Papua New Guinea? haha You probably don't understand how I have this job yet love fashion and what to be a stylist -- most people think fashion is for the superficial, I don't seem to think so. Fashion is for everyone. The very reason I want to be a stylist is to help people be more confident, live a happier, better lifestyle and most importantly feel beautiful inside and out. Now this job as a youth minister helps me do the same thing except in a different way. I am not bi-polar, simply girl out on a mission to use her talents to help others. 


Bright and Beautiful

Do you fancy a spot of tea colour?
I for one, would love some. Little colourful accents like this Dior necklace, or colour blocking using really structured and well fitted garments is what I'm loving for this Spring! Hopefully can master this without looking like an clown or oopma-loompa on steroids.
Love love love this!
1. Dior 2. Diane Von Furstenberg S/S 11 RTW 3. Karen Walker S/S 11 RTW 4. Karen Walker 5. Marios Schwab S/S 11 RTW
All images via Grazia


Sew my Bazaar Coops.

So this is kind of a jam-packed post with what I've been up to. Why I haven't posted an outfit...and my week so far.
Meet 'Frankly' my new Beau Coops. They not only win points for coming in separate dust bags (which Beau Coops recommends letting them sleep in) they also win double points for worlds comfiest shoes! I wore them all day today, walking around doing my thang and not one idy-bidy sign of discomfort. I love you Beau Coops.
 How cute are the tan ties?
I wore these to my first day at my new job today.
 This week, I caught up on my sewing project to prepare me for my class on Thursday. Tomorrow I actually am heading to 'The Fabric Store' (if I can find it, that is) to hunt down the perfect fabric for my next project. You might be wondering what germent this Psychedelic print belongs to? Well when I first saw the print it kind-of reminded me of Christoper Kane's Resort 2011...so I decided to transform it into a high waisted skirt. I'm feeling a little BlackMilk galaxy tights meets josh goot and christopher kane all at the same time. haha so next I'm thinking high waisted semi-fitted 3/4 pants... maybe a little less out-of-this-world and a little more practical...I'm thinking nude/pastel linen. This hot weather makes me want to wear almost nothing...so linen is my only option other than nudity (which actually is definitely NOT an option at all!)
P.s check out my mega Harper's Bazaar package. Amazingggggg! As I gripped Australian Vogue tightly as I waited to pay at Borders, my eyes were drawn to the plastic wrapped $12.99 Harper's Magazine deal. I quickly placed Vogue back on the shelf to grab this bargain! Well worth it I must say :)
Note: Not too sure why but blogger is being hormonal and has decided to upload my originally-horizontal-picture, like this.

Spotted: Abbey Lee for
Portmans... Really? Really? hmmmm...
Not that it's a bad thing, but...it's portmans? *raises eyebrow*