Sew my Bazaar Coops.

So this is kind of a jam-packed post with what I've been up to. Why I haven't posted an outfit...and my week so far.
Meet 'Frankly' my new Beau Coops. They not only win points for coming in separate dust bags (which Beau Coops recommends letting them sleep in) they also win double points for worlds comfiest shoes! I wore them all day today, walking around doing my thang and not one idy-bidy sign of discomfort. I love you Beau Coops.
 How cute are the tan ties?
I wore these to my first day at my new job today.
 This week, I caught up on my sewing project to prepare me for my class on Thursday. Tomorrow I actually am heading to 'The Fabric Store' (if I can find it, that is) to hunt down the perfect fabric for my next project. You might be wondering what germent this Psychedelic print belongs to? Well when I first saw the print it kind-of reminded me of Christoper Kane's Resort 2011...so I decided to transform it into a high waisted skirt. I'm feeling a little BlackMilk galaxy tights meets josh goot and christopher kane all at the same time. haha so next I'm thinking high waisted semi-fitted 3/4 pants... maybe a little less out-of-this-world and a little more practical...I'm thinking nude/pastel linen. This hot weather makes me want to wear almost nothing...so linen is my only option other than nudity (which actually is definitely NOT an option at all!)
P.s check out my mega Harper's Bazaar package. Amazingggggg! As I gripped Australian Vogue tightly as I waited to pay at Borders, my eyes were drawn to the plastic wrapped $12.99 Harper's Magazine deal. I quickly placed Vogue back on the shelf to grab this bargain! Well worth it I must say :)
Note: Not too sure why but blogger is being hormonal and has decided to upload my originally-horizontal-picture, like this.

Spotted: Abbey Lee for
Portmans... Really? Really? hmmmm...
Not that it's a bad thing, but...it's portmans? *raises eyebrow*

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