I like it long.

Zimmermann swimmer top, American Apparel Chiffon Maxi skirt, Vintage glomesh clutch, Sheike ring, Beau Coops wedges.

Sorry for the lack of posting, running year 7 reflection days and getting our new store ready this week has been crazy time. But now that things have calmed down I will blog as fast as my little asian fingers can type. A few cool things to look forward to this week:
- Getting my hair did
- finish making my pair of pants
- Learning how to sew zippers
- Smitten With Style styling course

I am geared up for the week, refreshed and ready to rock n roll~ I'm inspired and re-engergised by all the people I got to see this weekend. Can't wait to this week to begin! 

xxo Be safe & enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. hey babe, i was actually set to buy that double chiffon aa maxi this weekend but had second thoughts then saw a glassons version as the shops were closing this afternoon. any thoughts on the difference between the two?


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