Richard Nicoll for Sportsgirl

Last night my eyes widened as I walked into a brightly lit, well presented & creatively decorated Sportsgirl Flagship Sydney store - Pitt St. We were all welcomed with a sort of guard-of-honour-like path with cute waiters offering sparkling water, Jacobs creek and platters of finger foods, while the lovely Sportsgirl staff welcomed us looking ever so stylish themselves.
note: new hair.  

Meet Jion she wears: Zara skirt, Asos shoes, sportsgirl necklace and ring, equip bracelet, ____ Bag & _____ shirt.
It was awesome to have a friend attend the event with me. Jion was even kind enough to snap some pics of me, because me - being as forgetful as I am, forgot my camera, and Iphone pix just won't do! I really had a great time understanding Richard Nicoll's point of view, inspiration and his career so far. It's opportunities like these that really allow me (the consumer) to grasp the concept and ideas behind the collection and collaboration. I wish I could share with you absolutely everything I heard and saw, but I can't really without you falling asleep or rushing to click 'X' as I ramble on and on. For now, here are a few snaps from the night.

Kate Waterhouse & Richard Nicoll
I must say, she was a great host and he was fantastic to listen to.
The man himself.
I'm in love with the hounds tooth blazer. 
At first glance the clothes aren't so 'I-die! I-need-this-I-want-this-oh-baby-oh-baby!' but they are like Nicoll said "classical" as he wanted to create the collection to be timeless, rather than over the top, trendy stand out pieces. And in that respect, they are. Although I'm not a huge fan of the whole collection I really loved the hounds tooth blazer & tailored checked pants with (I think) velvet? detailing around the waist. Check the collection out here
I wore: Chiffon vest bought from Jion's blog shop, thrifted silk singlet, White Euphoria by Mok Theorem skirt, Kanzi Bag, sister's necklace, Kanzi bag & bangles from Cairns night markets.

Majority of pictures taken by my good friend Jion from En Vanite. Check out her blog!


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