Chief of the Tribe.

Weekend work outfit:
Glassons cardi, singlet and maxi skirt, Cue faux fur collar, Mimco drum, vintage belt & JC clinics.

Just like a snake I too am shedding my skin, trading my barely-there shorts, floral dresses and sleeveless-everything for the ultimate autumn cover-up - floor length skirts, loose cardigans, faux fur and soon to be layers upon layers of clothing (although It probably never get that cold in Sydney for this to make sense but stylistically it will look good) If you haven't noticed already my blog too has also transformed its look as of last night. My good friend Aziel has definitely got his fathers creative touch as he worked with my simple ideas and created the first steps in shedding my blogs skin. New header and a new colour palette. You like? Who would've thought brown could look so good? I just love it! Watching Az walk into my house with his monster 27" inch Mac was actually hilarious. Who needs a laptop when an imac is so portable? Got to love technology! Remember the days when USBs didn't exist but had to use a 'floppy' We've come so far. haha

Also I'm no mind reader so I'd definitely like to know what your thoughts are on my blog, the content, layout, pictures etc. What do you like? What don't you like? What would you like? lemme know. Hit me up with an email or a comment below :) I would love to know.

xxo your newly shed snake,

- little B. 

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  1. too cute girly! love those JCs
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx


Thankyou for checking out the world of your Little Lady B. I hope you've left feeling a little bit more inspired :) Your comments do mean a lot to me so thanks in advance!