Printed Spontaneity

 Whenever I hang out with my cousin (below right), her spontaneous nature rubs off on me and we always find ourselves doing the most random things - dying our hair, dying fabric, driving across sydney to buy fabric because we've decided we want to be designers, attempting to make garments and driving like it doesn't cost us a cent (fuel is so expensive right now!!). This afternoon we found ourselves burying room with piles of clothes as I styled her. Soon enough we had hit the road, equipped with my camera and these are the results. For this afternoon's shoot I decided to finally reveal to you my crazy creations - the psychedelic printed skirt and the olive high waisted harem pant. These are my simple creations so far but tomorrow after the Westfield Runway Show at Customs House in Circular Quay, I am hoping to get my hands on some leather then venture toward the powerhouse museum to get me some inspiration... not too sure what I will make. What's something simple you think an amateur like me can create? I'll keep you posted on how tomorrow goes, that's it for now though. 
Please note: This is not me in the pics, it's my scarily look-a-like little sis who (yes) is taller than me :( 

Angelica wears: Temt hat, Cue faux fur collar, Glassons knit top, Vintage belt, Lovisa bangles, Sam Edelman boots and little-ladylove skirt. Jovy wears: thrifted top, En vanite chiffon vest, little-ladylove pants, Forever 21 ring, & Mimco bag.

Have an awesome week

xxo your little lady



  1. hahaha Baz for a second even I thought Angel was you..then I looked closer and realised, she really is a mini you ;) hahaha <3


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