Style night.

What a night last night was! My very first official job working as a personal stylist. For our VIPs last night we put on a beautiful in-store styling trend report, from whats on trend, how to work the trends and how to incorporate them in their own wardrobes. I was so thrilled to be up there on the podium (working the crowd yeeehaaa) Wow the rare commonalities between a stylist and a stripper o__0 haha but in all seriousness I was happy to see so many ladies taking on my styling tips and listening so attentively while still managing to shop - women and our multi-tasking! Baby we were born this way! 

Ladies ready to rock their first look. 
The crisp white button up, mustard singlet and printed palazzo pants make for a great day outfit as well as a killer 'winter' night outfit paired with a cropped black sequin blazer, simple hair and dark eye makeup. 
 Wide leg pants are making a come back so your ugly cousin the 'jegging' can move on over. For ladies who are skinny, short torso-ed, curvy or just want a break from the skinny leg jean, palazzo pants are the way to go as they elongate your legs especially when paired with flatforms, heels or wedges. Give them a try - it will surprise you. I was so happy to see so many ladies give them a go last night... my mum was particularly influenced! At 11pm she was still talking about them, regretting that she hadn't bought them and asking me to look if there was her size. We'll do mum. We'll do.

These action shots are hilarious.  My face. Definitely man repelling right thurr.
My wonderful team. (L-R) Selin my assistant, Cassie, Shona and Srdjana models and myself. All wearing Glassons of course! Thankyou to everyone who came along, and to all those glassons g-stylers who made this night so amazing! We did it girls! 

xxo B.
See the whole Glassons winter Lookbook online  here


V I P . N I G H T

Tonight is the night to get down and dirtayyy. 6pm - 8pm. Glassons Burwood. Be there ladies! I will be styling the mini catwalk with all your latest trends and 'how-to' do them! I want to see you rocking the trends with our fine Glassons range and with.. say what... 30% OFF for all you lucky ladies. Say no more. I'll see you there!
Glassons Burwood Westfield Shop 116, 100 Burwood road Burwood
(ground level, opposite Alan Coban salon)


I like your wang.

Stop. Drop and roll that girl for her shoes. Alexander wang -- wow weeeee.
I will. I will. I will get these shoes.
I will also save for my white European Christmas!

Over & out.


P.s I'm blogging via a PC

 I feel technology-less. If you follow me on twitter you'd know my little monster aka my macbook pro is feeling a little bit down and out (thanks to my need to charge it on a metre high bench. And thanks to the charger cord for getting stuck on my shoe.... you know what happened next... if you don't know put two and two together you'll soon understand) Anyway, its getting inspected/repaired now. I mean she works, she doesn't doesn't charge... boo. But in other news, Sydney weather is beautiful at the moment so I decided to take a few outfit snaps in the sunlight! P.s I'm blogging via a PC =(
 My brother refused to take a few snaps & I refuse to ask my dad so I took them myself. Yes, I know a tripod would be handy. next time my dear, next time.
 I hope I'm not getting too predictable now. Cuffs are like my thing & when I saw this sass and bide cuff yesterday I knew I had to add it to my ever growing collection of statement piece wrist wear. Addicted!
Alice McCall blouse, Zara t-shirt &belt, Zimmermann pants, Sportsgirl wedges and Sass and Bide cuff.

P.p.s I'm thinking of doing a GIVEAWAY very very soon. But due to my indecisiveness I don't know what to giveaway. So please let me know, If you were to win what would you want? P.p.p.s I'm no millionaire so lets me reasonable here =) Tweet me here or post on FB here or just leave a comment below!

xxo little lady B.


Trendy Trackies

I'm struggling to keep warm this winter... and I don't know how I'm going to survive Christmas in Paris *sigh. Luckily, I live very close to a 24hr maccas  Kmart and to my surprise they had some really trendy pieces i.e a faux Shearling jacket - think Rick Owens and these super comfy and super thin but warm Track pants which have a sort of Alexander wang feel to them. You can't see the ribbed detail toward the bottom because (I'm sorry) but I'm just too short! P.s my hair decided to shrink, you like?

Let me introduce my little friends from left: Illariy cuff, random bracelet, and Coco liberace cuff, Ysl ring, mimco clutch.

 I love the neutral colour of the trackies so I thought they were worthy of seeing the world outside my home, so I wore them out. Paired with my Zanita x Funkis clogs & this beautiful customised leather cropped T by Bree Bennett in 100 Squared. I'm pretty positive the front of my top was actually part of a leather jacket once. If you haven't already you really should check out her store in the designers market in Westfield Sydney. While there make sure you check out Illariy jewellery, recreational  &... well all of the stalls are great, check them all out! 
Bree Bennett vintage leather/linen Tee, K-mart trackies, Zara belt, Zanita x Funkis Clogs and M.A.C lipstick in Rebel.


MAN REPELLING - it's my new hobby.

Last week my little sis burst into my room nagging me to check out this new blog she found Man Repeller. Initially I thought what kind of a name is Man Repeller? What is a Man Repeller? My sister insisted that I would love both her style & her writing... and now after numerous late nights endlessly clicking through & reading Leandra's blog, I decided to take some inspiration from her in my outfit today. I'm addicted.  
Alice McCall T-shirt, faux leather vest, Zara trousers, Wittner shoes, Glassons sunnies & illariy Cuff.

I am a man repeller. I've always dressed for myself & lets face it not all men understand fashion, trends or ladies. Leaving them with a few questions 'what are you wearing?' 'Is that an animal sitting on your shoulders?' or 'What is the practicality of those supernatural-sky-high heels?' -- I get that a lot from my dad... which reminds me HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Go forth and Repel. I'll leave you with this to inspire your inner man repeller.


I'm a little GAGA

Scrolling through my news feed yesterday morning I found that Lady Gaga was asking all her talented little monsters to draw a little blue bobbed gaga for her V magazine column. I'm no drawer so I clicked just a few (out of the 1000 pic links). I don't know how Gaga could choose? They are all so amazing. Here is a collage of some of the talented little monsters for mother monster - LADY GAGA. 

You all need to check out this illustrator out: Draw Adrian Draw I'd love to show you his Gaga illustrations, but due to copycat rights I can't. So you'll all have to visit his blog yourself (there are so many great illustrations it is defs worth the peep!)


CFDA favourites

The moment I saw these photos I felt like I was physically there. These magical photos are all photographed by Jamie from 'From me to you' blog. She's from NYC and had the amazing opportunity of snapping these fashion icons. I'm in love with Chloe Sevigny! Her most recent resort collection is stunning. Those laser cut out patterns are a signature to the collection & I can't wait to get my paws on some of it. 

DVF, you are elegance.
I don't know who this trendy male is, but he is dripping with style! 
Edit: I've been informed that he is Olivier Theyskens, genius behind the designs for Nina Ricci. Thanks Anne =)
Edit x2: Apparently, he was the genius..but now has left. thanks Jion xx
So stylish, everytime. 


We all wear: glassons everything except necklace & bags. g-g-gstylers
Its always fun getting to see the other beautiful ladies from the other Glassons stores. Meet Nat (Pic one) a soon-to-be whitehouse graduate (yeeeehaaaa), Cara who played model for the g-styler launch and Anna who is just simply amazing and who also won best dressed for the night along with Nat and myself. double yeeeeehaaa. I think I'm overly happy to attempt to fool myself into liking my new hair cut. My mum was right, only go to norman, no one else. I learnt my lesson. My hair is more alexa chung-esque if that, rather than the olivia palermo length I was hoping for. Looks like I will be stocking up in bobby pins to mask the ugly short layers....eeeeeww. I should stop.

P.s the pics were from tuesday night ... when my hair still sat well past my shoulders.

xx B




If you follow me on twitter you would know about my adventures trying to track down the perfect overalls. This is what it was all for. I didn't find the perfect overalls but here is my friend Miffi who did. Cute right? Love the flower pocket detail! haha

Best DIY. 3D glasses + denim scraps
Not sure if he DIY'ed this or if it was a op-shop find but it is amuzzing!
Miffi teaching us all how to two-tone. haha 

Top pic: Oversized denim jacket with braided detail = awesome. and this is what happens when the night gets a little too messy. By the end of the night my legs had soaked up more alcohol than I did. & my acid wash denim skirt was in fact leather from Bree Bennett customised vintage in 100 Squared.

I'm as free as my hair-air-air-air-air-air-air 
Nudies + Overalls = standard uniform of the night.
My attempt at an outfit pic at 12am. A for effort?


Pretty in Print.

I'm loving the prints. Prints, prints, prints. I love you.
Sadly, when I went eagerly to purchase the Aldo x Julian Louie wedges just a day ago, only a size 4 and size 10 remained. booooooo. Maybe there is an off chance that when I go to melbourne I will find something just as amazing. Maybe, just maybe. That is if I have time in-between/after work. 

Collage made my me featuring: Anna Dello Russo via Tommy Ton's ADR exhibition on style.com, Mary Kate Olsen via Olsens Anoymous, Pip Edwards, Friend of mine shorts & random stylish people via Jak&Jil