P.s I'm blogging via a PC

 I feel technology-less. If you follow me on twitter you'd know my little monster aka my macbook pro is feeling a little bit down and out (thanks to my need to charge it on a metre high bench. And thanks to the charger cord for getting stuck on my shoe.... you know what happened next... if you don't know put two and two together you'll soon understand) Anyway, its getting inspected/repaired now. I mean she works, she doesn't doesn't charge... boo. But in other news, Sydney weather is beautiful at the moment so I decided to take a few outfit snaps in the sunlight! P.s I'm blogging via a PC =(
 My brother refused to take a few snaps & I refuse to ask my dad so I took them myself. Yes, I know a tripod would be handy. next time my dear, next time.
 I hope I'm not getting too predictable now. Cuffs are like my thing & when I saw this sass and bide cuff yesterday I knew I had to add it to my ever growing collection of statement piece wrist wear. Addicted!
Alice McCall blouse, Zara t-shirt &belt, Zimmermann pants, Sportsgirl wedges and Sass and Bide cuff.

P.p.s I'm thinking of doing a GIVEAWAY very very soon. But due to my indecisiveness I don't know what to giveaway. So please let me know, If you were to win what would you want? P.p.p.s I'm no millionaire so lets me reasonable here =) Tweet me here or post on FB here or just leave a comment below!

xxo little lady B.

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