We all wear: glassons everything except necklace & bags. g-g-gstylers
Its always fun getting to see the other beautiful ladies from the other Glassons stores. Meet Nat (Pic one) a soon-to-be whitehouse graduate (yeeeehaaaa), Cara who played model for the g-styler launch and Anna who is just simply amazing and who also won best dressed for the night along with Nat and myself. double yeeeeehaaa. I think I'm overly happy to attempt to fool myself into liking my new hair cut. My mum was right, only go to norman, no one else. I learnt my lesson. My hair is more alexa chung-esque if that, rather than the olivia palermo length I was hoping for. Looks like I will be stocking up in bobby pins to mask the ugly short layers....eeeeeww. I should stop.

P.s the pics were from tuesday night ... when my hair still sat well past my shoulders.

xx B


Thankyou for checking out the world of your Little Lady B. I hope you've left feeling a little bit more inspired :) Your comments do mean a lot to me so thanks in advance!