MAN REPELLING - it's my new hobby.

Last week my little sis burst into my room nagging me to check out this new blog she found Man Repeller. Initially I thought what kind of a name is Man Repeller? What is a Man Repeller? My sister insisted that I would love both her style & her writing... and now after numerous late nights endlessly clicking through & reading Leandra's blog, I decided to take some inspiration from her in my outfit today. I'm addicted.  
Alice McCall T-shirt, faux leather vest, Zara trousers, Wittner shoes, Glassons sunnies & illariy Cuff.

I am a man repeller. I've always dressed for myself & lets face it not all men understand fashion, trends or ladies. Leaving them with a few questions 'what are you wearing?' 'Is that an animal sitting on your shoulders?' or 'What is the practicality of those supernatural-sky-high heels?' -- I get that a lot from my dad... which reminds me HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Go forth and Repel. I'll leave you with this to inspire your inner man repeller.

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