Good looking and talented

Yes it is our favourite androgynous gal Agyness Deyn. But more importantly, she was shot by the multi-talented stud - James Franco. Its kind of ironic that Franco has Agyness posing as his doppelganger, James Dean. For all my twitter followers you've probably unfollowed me now due to my excessive 'i love James franco' 'marry me James Franco' tweets. haha I don't blame you, but whats not to love? He's a super attractive male, movie star, PhD student, author and now fashion photographer. So what has induced my franco fantasy/fanatic obsession you may ask? A young Franco in Whatever it Takes is your answer - Thanks MTV. The swag in his smile, his effortless hair and (obvious) major talent.  ahhhh I feel like I'm in yr 7 again... ahhh I could go on forever. I'll just leave you with his fine talent, his editorial titled Chateau Dreams for ELLE magazine.  


  1. I love her!

  2. She's beautiful, i love her as she and as he ♥


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