Colour my world.

Here's a picture out of the Zipporra lookbook - I'm pretty much obsessed with colour at the moment, pretty obsessed with that mustard colour too. Actually, I think I've always had a thing for colour, especially bright ones (it is true. Check here and here) However, today I awoke like a zombie gravitating immediately to my red pants and cobalt blue top. I toned it down with a fluffy black angora  cardigan but toned it back up with its sequined diamond pattern and vintage tan Moschino belt (which I just bought today). Wish I got a photo.  Photos are definitely 1000 times more interesting than this right now. I'll have to wear it again just for some pics, just for you guys. Really sorry bout the lack of outfit post. Working 3 jobs is hard, esp. when your a little bit of a perfectionist like me. *hence the lack of posts* I can't just post just anything. ohhhhhh and I've been in a slight state of depression with my Iphone gone... stolen :( Damn pick pocketers! I guess I will continue to wear bright colours to make me feel a little less dull. 

Just like Ms. Duma here.

*Not too sure where this pic is from (blame google), but looks very Jac and Jil.

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