I don't speak german but I can if you like.

Sportsgirl jacket, Glassons shirt, Neuw jeans, Betts boots,  Zara belt, Recreational ring & necklace and Illariy cuff. 

After what I'm donning 'Lady Gaga Week' last week here in sydney, I too wanted to feel like a bit of a star. No, I didn't whip out my American apparel V leotard -- it's way to cold here for that nonsense. Instead I popped on this shaggy jacket and immediately felt like a yeti  quite lush. I'm a big believer that if you love what your wearing, your day will just be that tad bit better. And it was. Paws up! 

Keep your paws up if you've entered to to win my 'Little Lady lurrrveee package'? Now, put your paws down and on your keyboard if you haven't. haha don't you hate it when your teachers do that? I'm no teacher, so keep them there =) . While your there 'Like' the Little Lady Love facebook page here and leave a few words on the page so that I know you've entered! 

xxo. B

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