Boot Scootin' Baby!

Images via Polyvore

(L-R) Topshop boots $235AUD
Acne Pistol Boot $505
Alexander wang  Ashley boot $1030
Acne Low rider boot $525
Acne Cypress boot $650
Opening Ceremony Toga Pulla ankle boot $1010
Jeffrey Campbell Chelsea boot $155
Alexander Wang Kat cap-toe boot $515

Although we may be heading into warmer months, the rest of the world is doing the polar opposite (pun intended), therefore bringing out clothing and boots for their cooler season that of course we wish we could wear despite the total impracticality. But never fear, these ankle are the perfect shoe for spring !  Punk up your denim up offs, cuffed chinos and loose dresses, tone down  your colour blocking high and cover up those nasty toe nails you forgot to paint. Ankle boots will be your best friend this spring /summer season and I'll get best use out of them when I'm off to chilly Europe in december. Boom! Double whammy! #exciting 
But I have to be wise, my boots need to  do the following:

1. Be warm
2. Withstand whatever european winter weather throws at them
3. Stay slip-proof (apparently grip is essential!)
4. Work with every outfit  (trying to pack light people!!)

What are your thoughts? Suggestions? Tips, and pointers? I need all the help I can get! 
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