"But how can I be futuristic? I don't know what the future's like. We're in 2011?" 
Oh ANTM you had me at Simone. Besides straddling the boarder between sexy and disgusting men's-mag-slutty (as Charlotte would say) she is one hilarious girl. My other favourites include the pink-hair-beauty that is Izzy, the master of the mannequin poses, Jess and the stunning, Montana. And least favourites Caroline and Neo. Sorry ladies, your attitudes aren't funny, Cassi (cycle 5) was a funny, yes pure bogan but a lot funnier than you'll ever be. Please go home. -- okay maybe that was a bit harsh. 
Feeling pretty futuristic in this Asos cuff or as my sister just said "gladiator band"
A little razzle dazzle - its my master plan for tanning. You see, the sun reflects off my skirt & cuff onto my skin and Voila! tan skin. Its my beauty secret. Jokes, but NARS illuminator in Orgasm is fo reeeaaals. 

Zara men's basic, Vintage skirt, Asos Cuff and 3.1 Phillip Lim boots
Still in love after the post-online-purchase-honey-moon - you know the lull of ecstasy you feel when the deliver man presents you with his your package. You know he brought the goods. - Or maybe that's just me and the creepy-obsessed shop-a-holic inside of me. 


  1. bazzz I loveee!!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! You're funny my lovely!! And so very sexy in that futuristic sort of way.

    (Simone is futuristic in a space cadet way! She's gorgeous though!)

  3. I am loving the futuristic vibe of this whole outfit. And that cuff bracelet is just fantastic! xx

  4. Really funky and edgy outfit - I especially love the cuff and boots!! :)
    Now following you! ;)




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