Snaps and snippets

Busy Bee aka me, has had no time to blog. So here are a few pics from a collection of days. 
1. Oh-so-dreamy 3.1 Philip Lim Booties from Shopbop
2. The outfit I wore to costco - it's official I am a cost co member. 
3. pretty rockin' rings from the queen of excessories, Lora.
4. Lora's cute flatforms
5. A layered ensemble ft. the lovely Lora
6. My last shift at 100 Squared. Sad, Yes. But exciting too! I'm the alien on the right :)

As Zipporra closes up shop at 100 Squared today and moves online, it couldn't have come at a more fitting  time! Because an amazing retailer is hiring, and yup, they looking for a stylist ;) I'm currently still in the interview process, so lets all cross our fingers, say a little prayer and hopefully we can all join in in a victory dance sometime soon. I'll keep you posted. 

P.s I've been working like a crazy person to get my business cards done in time for Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival next week. Fingers and toes crossed that that goes well too. 



  1. Omg those booties are ah-mazing.
    Good luck with the job hunting, fingers crossed you get the styling job :)

    Mel x

  2. Good luck!! LOooooooove those booties...

    A x

  3. gahh love it all! x


  4. Hi :) Im about to order the Phillip Lim booties, but I was wondering if they are true to size? Cute blog!


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