Un Pour Moi, Un Pour Toi

Un Pour Moi, Un Pour Toi - That's french for 'One for me, one for you' (I don't speak german french but for this post I can if you like?) I'm a big fan of this win/win situation we have before us. The lovely Jess from the newly opened online Molten store is offering both me and one of you - my lovely readers and friends the chance to score a the seriously stylish and highly coveted Pyrite Ring for this competition! We can do this! We can win this! YES WE CAN! If you believe as much as I do in Beyonce's fine words "If you liked it you shoulda put a ring on it" lets put and ring on it! I like it and I know you like it.. now lets put that ring on our finger!! Un pour moi, un pour toi?

This ring will not only complete every outfit you'll ever wear, but you will feel a sense of ah-mazing! Washington DC native Rachel Pfeffer has created a statement piece like no other, one-of-a-kind pyrite rings that will surely make you go gaga in her exclusive collaboration with Molten Store.
Now my loves, to win this ring of mountainous beauty you simply:

1. Comment on this blog post so I know you've entered

2. Like Molten Store on Facebook here

3. Leave a comment on Molten store's Facebook Page with a shout out to me =) Just so they know, how you know, about their amazing 'Un pour moi, Un pour toi' win/win competition!

I guarantee you, you will fall in love with Molten store at your very first browse, just like I did. Now with this online store on my radar saving is harder than ever. But we can win this! Go forth and comment, like, and comment again!




  1. I've entered!

  2. What a gorgeous ring!
    I've entered :)

  3. Ooh, I agree, the ring looks gorgeous, I'm addicted to minerals and metals lately!

    liked Molten Store on Facebook :)

  4. xx entered ! that ring is amasing *


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