We're going on a treasure hunt, we're gonna catch a big one.

Photos from a small part of the best weekend I've had in a long time (markets, Partying in the Ivy Pool, no hang over and my other bosses Engagement party) Oh and yes, my rozelle market virginity had been taken and experienced with only the best company - Karen and Dusk. Our free spirits, vibrant energy and love of old treasures made for a beautiful day in Sydney's (finally) warm winter weather!

With these kooky cats who wouldn't have a good day? 
Yes, she's a good boss. One of the best!

After we walked around wide eyed and slightly overwhelmed I managed to find a few pieces that were nothing short of amazing; while Karen was magnetically drawn to statement earrings, Dusk was drawn to everything (although vowing not to spend a cent! Clearly, pre-rozelle market mindset). Before we knew it, our hands were full, parking was boarder-line illegal and our tummys yearned for food - literally, it was yeaaarrnin'! We found ourself in the courtyard of what felt like a melbourne style cafe. We sat. We ate. We talked and talked some more. 
P.s meet my little Paris book of everything, a small reminder I need to save for PARIS! Rozelle markets - you are not helping this cause!

I wore: Vintage shirt from Victorious, Claude Maus jeans, Temt jacket, Lovisa necklace, Thrifted Akubra, Soles boots and vintage bag.

Photos taken by Dusk and myself. Read her post here at 'The Dusk Zone' -- She's clever I tell ya!
Btw, Karen is the amazing and talented designer of her emerging label Zipporra check it out! 


  1. adorable boots you have there!

    The French Bun

  2. oh I want to visit Rozelle Markets! I was eating brunch with my girlfriends at a cafe across the road one Sunday morning (trying to overcome a god awful hangover from partying at Ivy Pool too the night before) and saw them across the road. Funny that!!? haha

    great set of photos, your friends look like super fun!

    x Lauren

  3. Oh how good are the markets!? I go to Uni in Rozelle and end up usually making my way back there on the weekends just to see what they have, haha.



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