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You know your obsessed when you repeatedly go to, look up or research a specific item of clothing online, and you know you are possessed when you find yourself calling all stores in sydney that might stock that one particular item that has you going all gooey-wide-eyed-and-crazy although you know you have to save. This is me currently after last week discovering the ultimate boot sent to my email from ssense.com regarding their 'new arrivals' - damn those email subscriptions! They are the dream boot by 3.1 Phillip Lim, her name is Penny - literally.  

....it's night time now. Bed time actually. You all know what I'll be dreaming about tonight... 

P.s I know I could have posted just a picture of the boot, but this post does have purpose. As part of self-reassurance that I need these boots (although trying to save for the big dream - Europe) I created just one out of many outfits I could wear with these b-e-a-utiful booties. They are worth it right? Right? 
P.p.s MmMmm I'm definitely on the hunt for fitted tailored pants similar to those Thakoon's! Since all my money will most probably go toward these boots, I'm thinking DIY? 

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I need your help ladies and gents!

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