As we look forward to warmer days ahead, everything from cherry blossoms to birds to fashion designers are in full bloom! It is only fitting that on these early days of Spring that I introduce you to the work of the very creative designer, Aung. Although being a designer for 10 years now, he has given life to his summer 12 collection titled:  Flora Jargon.  
Having previously worked for other creative such as Akira and Longina Phillips, amongst his skill set he has harnessed great workmanship and detail. Currently inspired by the rose, his designs capture the beauty and edgy-ness that a rose represents.

I can imagine his prints paired with muted tones, basic tee’s and silver hardware. But at the same time, I imagine them also paired together, print-on-print, pastel + print, print + pastel… the combinations are endless. You can ask Aung how incredibly amazed I was at the sight of his collection. I was literally like a kid in a candy store, touching each and every piece, stroking the soft silk, holding garments up to my body and imagining everything I could wear it with.
 His pieces are as fresh as a slice of chilled watermelon on a hot summer’s day. I would put it down to the symmetry, colour, prints and classic cuts, which make for a winning combo – esp. in my wardrobe (you know me, I’m a sucker for colour!)

The leader of the pack, and my favourite piece of the collection. I love that dress.
Summer is just around the corner – and although I won’t be here for a month of it, Aung has got me wishing that the warmer weather would come sooner. 
Check out his Facebook page here


  1. Floral can be overdone but these floral prints are incredible.

  2. The collection looks awesome, I just adore the floral prints :)


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