The art of Balance.

I've been working on the art of balance... 

Yep, that bike was moving. Yep, that's me and my balance. Best thing about having a brother is that he likes to splash his cash on toys like skim boards, skate boards, surf boards, iron-man-face-mask/helmet that speaks, and Remote control cars and helicopters, you know normal 22 yr-old boy stuff. I guess the second best thing is my brother lets me play too! My most recent adventure was learning how to skate board, and after learning the hard way that you do need a helmet and some elbow and palm pads I finally got it. However, this experience didn't deter me from trying this move on the bike without protection. You could say yesterday was the day of courage for me, so today I tried something simpler - the tea pot stance. You like?

 My little sister rocking the long board - also a master of balance.

This is my 12 22 yr-old brother. 

Vintage jacket, Glassons T-shirt, Mossman shorts, Funkis x Zantia clogs and YSL ring.
Happy fathers day Dad - I know you most probably aren't reading this, but just in case! And to all your fathers and your fathers fathers, Happy fathers day! 



  1. bas this is the cutest thing ever = i want a go! cant believe you can balance like that on a bike too, awesome! miss you guys x

  2. Bas that's brilliant!! Very cool, totally impressed!!
    ...and it's the HOTTIE pot stance!! :D


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