Love story.

When Karen raved about this 'Syringe place' that we desperately needed to go to, we thought she was a little bit kooky. We all replied will a similar "ummm... we're not really into that Karen." haha But on our quest to find this hidden place locals also gave us similar reactions with a raised eye-brow and wide eyes, "Syringe Bar?" When we finally found 'the institue' at the end of, what seemed to be a maze of alley-ways, I couldn't image drinking not drinking without my syringe. Move over World Bar's Tea pots, Syringes are where its at. haha Ok, it may appear that Melbourne has made me more crazy that I normally am. I guess, I'm still high off the amazing experience that was Melbourne. Our Love story. 

Pictures from Love Story taken by 'Special K' and on my Canon G12. 

Ok. No more Melbourne posts. End Melbourne Love story. 

I wore: Mossman Dress and BlackMilk galaxy tights. 2nd photo: Liana's vintage Shag purchase. 3rd photo: Natalie in her sister's creation from the Summer Zipporra collection.


  1. Interesting. I love the galaxy tights, by the way. Amazing.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Those galaxy tights are gorgeous :)



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