Having a ball in Melbourne. Its our last night for Liana and myself, having nibblies, wine and watching Hamish and Andy's Gap yr before we go out, just when we thought nothing could bring down our spirits... boom! Natalie steps on one of Karen's needles - going through her boots and into her foot. OUCCCHHH right?? Currently, still sipping on wine and seeing if a night out will cure her foot or if its a completely bad idea. What do you reckon? ha. A real post to come. 6:30am flight tomorrow. So maybe after I'm rested up a little. xo B


  1. I love the shoes your friend is wearin in the first photo, where are they from?

  2. Girlies, you look ah-mazing!... Liana, I love your shoes!! Are they a Melb purchase? Cant wait to hear all about the trip. xxx

  3. thanks guys, no they are not a melbourne purchase they are litas by Jeffrey Campbell, but some great shoes in melbourne that we were all drooling over.
    cant wait for all the rest bazz some a great weak with ZIPPORRA xx

  4. my bad haha lack of sleep the shoes are nu + nan

  5. Holy shenanigans! Love your glitter shoes, girlie!

    Following you :)



  6. nice pics...cute store..

    Welcome to visit Romwe shop through Romwe blog for surprises, big love :D


  7. Firstly, I have that Sportsgirl jacket! Great minds think alike, haha.
    And secondly, your friends shoes are to die for! Where on earth did she get them?


  8. Isn't the jacket great? Its one of my favs! As for Liana's shoes, if your talking about her amaze balls flatforms in the first pic they are from Nu + Nan which have a store in the Galeries opposite QVB. Or her sparkly litas, they're from nasty gal :) I definitely had shoe envy the whole week!

  9. hiiiiii
    how much did you pay for the international shipping for lita ?? :)


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