Sass and Bide
SS 2012

 In cobalt blue, this high-cut wetsuit-like top is like nothing Sass and Bide have done before. I like it. 

 Let the cobalt continue as the neckline deepens and makes this sequinned suit a magic number!

 Then pops in canary yellow to add to the winning colour palette formula - canary yellow + cobalt blue = two of my favourite colours for summer - my love for this collection is growing. 

 Add in a statement belt, now you have me sold. 
Pip Edwards, why are you so amazing every season? Why is your modern minimalism in accessories so alluring? 

 Strip it back to white, but keep a touch of neon around the patterned panels - genius!

Finish off with a sheen of metallic and one crazy-amazing neck piece. 
There you have a stunning winner of a collection! 

It's surprising, and somewhat refreshing from their previously tribal obsessed collection - which was no doubt amazing, but this is just so beyond. I love it. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, love your blog! :)


  2. I like all the looks you've posted :) Sass and bide always creates really amazing pieces of clothing that I just lust over :P I wish i had the money to buy it..but ah last, i am a poor college student for now hahah. I like how the cobalt blue, yellow canary color, as well as the mix of neutrals like black and white. It just pulls everything together. I think their cuts are also really original. Keep in touch <3



  3. love! cant wait to see it when it hits stores! xx


  4. Love the amazing color and design of these collection!

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

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