Welcome to the jungle.

When my sister stormed into my room asking to use my clothes, I had one condition (usually I have about 5 but today I settled for just one) - she had to let me do an outfit post on her. I thought it was a pretty big ask since she A. hates taking my outfit pics and B. hates posing for the cam. But today she was surprisingly willing. So much so, I now have a whole folder of her posing, and posing and re-posing. Got a few cheeky pics to save for her 21st birthday (yea yeaaa!)

By the end of it she went a little crazy and found my Dad's watering bucket in the garden. It went well with her whole 'safari-garden' ensemble that she had going, it soon became her handbag/prop (for picture purposes only). She's interesting cute like that. 
Vintage top, Moschino belt and skirt, Wittner sandals and Dad's watering bucket. 

On another note, I'm thinking of cutting this skirt just above my knee. This mid-length doesn't really work on my smurf-size body. What do you reckon? Yay? or Nay?

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