The fantasy land of Lady Petrova

I have voiced my love for the Lady Petrova label a few times before, but this time I think I'll share with you my love for their store interior. With the wall decal illustrations, doll houses, lace and overall pastel tones, walking into Lady Petrova feels like a fantasy land. And a little birdie told me that they will be renovating again, taking the already wonderful store to a new level of 'Lady Petrova'. I'm excited and can't wait too see what they'll do to the petite store. 

Doll house home to fairy lights, Butter nail polish, Jewellery and cute shoes.
Don't you just wish sometimes your room could be just as fantastical as this? 
I did leave with this beautiful silk top pictured above. But I was pretty unfortunate when I wore it out for the first time... a thread pulled, and pulled, and pulled. I swear silk hates me, because the night after I wore another one of my melbourne purchases which happened to be a silk dress and it pulled as well. Not sure why, but all my purchases in Melb seemed to be two things: Silk and Colourful. Currently I am wearing the 3rd item of my silk-melbourne-shop-series lol - it hasn't pulled yet, so fingers crossed this is a non-puller haha... I sound like a crazy person talking about pulled silk like its the end of the world or something... (End silk rant here)
Lady Petrova, always coming up with Dreamy ways to display her products. I think it might be something in the Melbourne water because 99.9% of stores we visited has the most interesting interiors, displays and packaging. Buying something when it comes wrapped in pastel coloured paper, or neatly packaged in an every so innovative aluminium take away container similar to that of a Sara Lee frozen carrot cake... but a lot cuter! 
Lady Petrova made Turbans cool on Project Runway. I was pretty much obsessed when I saw her sporting one. 

Its a dreamy place, something every girl should experience. 
Lady Petrova boutique
237 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.


  1. this place looks dreamy indeed!! sorry to hear about your top (and other silk items) - it's horrible when the item gets damaged when you have worn it just once!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment- such an amazing store! I must check it out!!


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