It's halloween and I've already got my door bell rung 3 times (by the 1 group of kids) from the time it took me to reach and grab the lollies to opening the door. Their costumes were average and they didn't even say "trick or treat" C'mon kids! The kids made me laugh rather than run for my life and I'm a pretty easy person to scare. But what really makes me scream, shout and jump up and down is when I get exciting news like being asked to style a series of photoshoots for HYPE DC's in-house brand Shubar. I may have been on the train when I read the first email and it may have been 10pm but it didn't stop me from jumping a little  in my seat and showing off my pearly whites

Let me introduce you to my latest shoe obsession in my ever-growing shoe wall - Pai by Shubar shoes. She's sky-high with platform height perfection, comfortable and an amazing fit for my usually hard-to-fit wide feet. Comfort factor I'd rate a 110%, all because when you've got horribly blistered feet your first shoe of choice isn't usually a heel, but I'm ruthless, I did it. Heels it was. I was a good 10cm's taller, and my feet survived! Kudos, Shubar. Kudos!

Wearing Sportsgirl beaded bolero and my favourite necklace, vintage shirt, Zara chinos, Shubar heels in rust and Lovisa cuffs. 

Can't wait to start shooting. I'll keep you posted on Twitter, Facebook and here of course! Watch this space! 

Happy Halloween xo



Channelling my inner Ri-Ri, I was work ready! Ghetto glam was the theme for the day.
Bling, check. Loose harem pants, check. Hip-hop hair, check. Braids were my first preference but just way to hard for me to handle. GHD curls were the only way to get this side-parted, afro-inspired, Rihanna look without getting a perm. And we all know perm's on asian hair don't end well - got to thank my sis for finding this one out!

 Wearing Sportsgirl dress and sandals, Hipster pants, sister's belt, and vintage watch.

Many people asked where I got this 'top' from but it's actually a dress. So let's play a quiz! 
"Where did the rest of my dress disappear to?"
A. Tucked into my bra
B. In the drop-crotch of my baggy-baggy harem pants
C. I'm so damn tall, it's a top on me

If you answered: A. you'd be wrong and stupid. Sequins hurt and I would never (again) risk harming myself! Don't underestimate sequins - it's not fun to deal with when you skin is left scarred #SpeakingFromExperience. Now, if your answer was B. You're right! You've probably noticed that there is only so much sequins you can fit in yohhh drop-crotch, baggy-baggy harem pants. And if you answer was C. C'mon people. I'm pocket sized. A smurf, a hobbit. I'm lucky I'm not drowning in this dress. 

Hope I've sparked some inspiration for your next outfit! Ghetto-glam, try it sometime! It's fun. 
WARNING: Suga-daddy's and P-diddy's are bound to give you a bit of a wink ;) 

Happy Thursday! xo


Stripes, rainbows and watermelon tee's.

Ignore the wind in my hair, this is possibly the only decent photo of the outfit. With the shinning sun comes the ruthless wind. Ruthless it was! 

 33 degrees. What a great way to start the week! With a quarter of my nails painted, good company and perfect weather, this past weekend has really marked the start of summer and inspired this outfit. Watermelon's on a hot summer's day beside the pool, beach towel stripes, and a whole lot of colour!

Summer hasn't shied away from shining full strength, so why should I? It maybe a pretty average attempt at a jumping photo, but I couldn't not post it! Not after looking like a lunatic in the middle of my street from jumping in my little wedges and possibly breaking a sweat (30 degree heat ppl!). My neighbours might think I'm a little kooky, but you get me. These photos aren't for nothing!

Wearing Glassons denim, Sportsgirl singlet, Blak basics by Teresa Hodges, Sabre sunglasses, Vintage Moschino bag, vintage watch, Coco Liberace cuff and Pearl bangle I got from the Carins night market earlier this year.  

 Hope everyone's had a great start to the week!



Beach babes, vintage Chanel, more-is-more - is-more-is-more approach and semi-ghetto fab feel. I Love it. Before you could say 'Proenza Schouler' I knew I needed to share it with you especially with the stunning first pic of Miranda Kerr draped in Chanel. Babe right? Dreamy dreamy dreamy!  
Styled by Jay-Z Joe Zee. What a genius. 

MarketHQ play cupid.

Yes, Christmas is not too long away, but if your super into future planning I bet you've already thought about Valentines day 2012. Yes it may be next year, but next year is only a few months away. So with that in mind, MarketHQ - the cupids that they are - have put together a competition to get my fellow single ladies (Cue: Beyonce) a man! Forget this 'mail-order-bride' business, MarketHQ have the goods ;) 

Win yourself a $1500 wardrobe and a date with contestant no. 1, 2 or 3 - they are all pretty fly so good luck choosing. Want to know the best part? you can nominate a friend! Who doesn't love signing up friends to things they may not particularly agree too? ahh it's only a minor problem when you think of the bigger picture - hello new wardrobe! And you may be doing her a favour especially if your
 A. Tried of your friend being a 3rd wheel? 
B. Annoyed that they're annoyed that you hang out with your bf too much?
C. Tried of them posting about how they want or need a photographer boyfriend? Oh wait, that would be me. 

Follow those simple steps and you my friend may be setup for life. See what I did there? You like that? Go get em' tiger! Let me know which contestant you think is most fly on my Facebook page here Meet you over there, and i'll let you know who I'm digging. 

MarketHQ have said it perfectly: When you've got a new wardrobe, you'll be begging the men to leave you alone and you'll have so many clothes you'll just have to ManRepel the shit out of them! Goodluck ladies!


Halloween has come early.

Zara blazer, Sportsgirl broach and hat, Topshop singlet, Glassons pants, Funkis x Zanita clogs
What I tell ya? Halloween inspired. Not on purpose but once you put a a tee on that reads "BE AFRAID" in that typical halloween-style font + some orange, there is no doubt that my trip to cost co plus wanting to buy a bunch of orange pumpkins to carve has lead to this halloween inspired outfit. You like? P.s my dad didn't let me buy the pumpkins. He thought it was pretty impulsive of me. But what's impulsive about wanting to buy 2 or 3 pumpkins to play/get creative with although you've never celebrated halloween? Or carved a pumpkin in your life? Impulsive? naaaaahhh! 

But if you're feeling impulsive 'LIKE' my Facebook page and send me sweet nothings via Twitter here. Looking forward to it! xo B 

EDIT: Just found this on Topshop.com Now this shits for real. Halloween anybody? This is like Blackmilk meets Peter Alexander. One-sie hell yeaaa!!



Vintage sequinned jacket, Topshop top, Mossman dress, American Apparel skirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim boots, Vintage and Sportsgirl necklace
It's like playing pass-the-parcel with my outfit right now. Under each layer there's a little something something - Jacket: Sequinned. Necklace: blingin'. Shrunked-silk-dress: fluro. 

Can I get a 'woot woot' for an outfit post? Thanks to my fav. thing at the moment, my main man, Mr daylight-savings I was able to snap some pics after work (well after 7pm) yea yeaaaa! Daylight savings, summer nights and floating in the ocean will have to makeup for the white Christmas I won't be having this year... but who wants one anyway? Who wants Christmas with their family in Paris? Or New Years in Amsterdam? No, not I. -- wow that was painful to type. Let's be positive and brainstorm all the great things I can do in Sydney for Christmas and New years - I've tried this myself, and I'm hopeless. My list is non-existent so who wants to start it off? Help a sistah out! Let's make this Christmas season like a pass-the-parcel game too, it'll only get better day by day... Wow. How did this post become about christmas? My next post is about Halloween. I guess this is what happens to your brain when you work full time. 


The treasure chest that is Molten Store

What do you prefer?  Jewellery that boasts its designer label - say Kanye's simple 'Yeezy' necklace OR designer jewellery that displays a modern beauty and emphasis on design? hmmm I prefer the latter, and that's Molten store for you. So when I received these beautiful pictures featuring some of their more pricey pieces, I thought they were worth sharing with you because they're just. so. damn. amazing. Agreed? Agreed!

And if your looking for equally amazing pieces at a more reasonable price range they also stock brands like Low Luv by Erin Wasson, House of Harlow 1960 and Estelle Deve

I would (normally) be buying things in a heartbeat from Molten Store but, my Dad is now consistently checking on how my spending is going. And I'm a terrible liar - ask anyone who has played me in 'Bullsh*t' For now, I will add things only to my wishlist. Christmas is a comin'! So shop your little hearts out at Molten Store - do it, do it, show me what you got, so I can shop vicariously through you :)

xxo Baz


The way we wore

I may have not been able to snap up an outfit post this week, but I do bring you my polyvore creation based entirely around what I've been loving this week: Vest, simple Tee's and my Zimmermann skirt. On the days that pants just won't do, toughen up that mini skirt with loose fitting tee's in a block colour or pattern and team it with a sleeveless jacket aka Vest. You're almost there, add a touch of glam with modern neck-plates and finish off with boots. Now you're rocking it. Take in from day to night with a different vest, some heels and possibly some Proenza Schouler? That bag is calling my name. 


Smiles all round.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about my new job at Sportsgirl. I'm happy, it's fun and doesn't feel like work at all and I know it's only been two/almost 3 days now but I already feel that I can really express my creativity here. If your a sydney-sider, or are visiting sydney at all make sure you book in for a free style-me personal styling session at the Style-me Studio in the Superflag-ship store in Pitt St. It's really something both you and I will enjoy! I guarantee it! 

Images from top-bottom FrouFrouu, PaperMag, and I-d-j


WCMC 2011

When I was invited by my good friend Ally to see her sister strut her stuff on the runway of the 'Where Couture Meets the Cure' event, I was over the moon! I think I was more excited to see Maddi walk than I was for the actual clothes which featured Australian designers like Alex Perry, Camilla, SABA, Fleur Wood and more. Bar my camera battery saying it was "fully charged" then dying on me half way through the show, the show was perfect. Here is the event captured in a short minute or so. Maddi's the first girl in the video. Is she rocking it or what? 

All models from Chic Management


All of the lights around Kanye

Collage images from nowfashion.com put together by me :)
**Excuse the cuts between the pictures. Blogger refused to cooperate with my huge collage I created.

Kanye. Kanye. Kanye. He is one man proving that he not only has exceptional talent in the music making industry but also in women's fashion. Although I don't really dig Kanye, I am digging the touches of metallic, pearl-like embellishments, zipper detailing and overall semi-tailored feel. Maybe the sole reason for Kanye's 'effortlessly chic' collection lies with the ever-so-effortless, Christine Centenera - fashion editor at Harpers Bazaar Australia as well as Kanye's consultant for his collection. I see Christine in those statement 'bomber' jackets, both slim-fitted and loose-cut pants and of course those strappy heels. 

Christine inspired? 

Images from stockholm-streetstyle.com, Harpersbazaar.com.au and google

I think yes! What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Want it? 
Overall I'm impressed Kanye. Who taught you to be so damn talent? Did Yeezy teach you? I thought so. Take a bow. Kanye. Take a bow!


Peek-a-sneak of Miss General

Its no doubt the Colour Blocking trend has exploded in every shop under the sun for this Spring/Summer season. Soon enough every tom, dick, harry and sam will be decked out in colours that one may not usually fathom. But, while the trends hot and everyone is high of its colourful hues we might as well embrace it! I sure am (check out my blue suede shoes 'supa tubes') And Miss General designs aka my good friend Kate Generalao, sure has too, with her new-not-even-launched-yet-laser-cut-Jewellery line that is oh so fresh and exactly what you need to top off that head-to-toe colour blocked outfit.  

As her styling consultant for the shoot and during the design process, I was given free reigns to "do whatever" So I opted for Gold Glittered hair, black body suits and dark eyes to compliment the first half of her range. The glittered hair spray was actually courtesy of my 12 22-yr-old brother, remember the one I told you about with all those toys? Well, it was his grand idea to dress up as the Soccer World Cup Trophy and spray himself Gold including his hair for my sister's Viva Espana going-away party. Not too sure why he didn't end up doing it? Bro it was such as smart idea! (I may sound sarcastic, but no, this is definitely one of his brightest ideas he's ever come up with! Kudos bro! Kudos) And thus, I turned to the unused glitter hairspray laying around my house. 

Enough about my brother and his glitter hairspray, meet Maddison from Chic Management - the star of the shoot. 

She brought her natural beauty and hilarious-ness to the shoot. (yes, I know, hilarious-ness is not a word, but hilarity or humour sounds so ---- boring. Agreed?) With her being like 100 ft tall, equipped with legs that literally went for miles, it didn't help me with my smurf-sized-stature. Don't worry, I'm creative, I found ways around it, i.e under the coat. 

She was a pleasure to style and so willing to climb the rocks, balance on the bridge, lay on an old thorny tree, and work, work, work until we got the final frame. Oh and #FunFact: Maddi is actually my Friends little sister and I was so proud to see her doing her thang, working it like a pro both at the shoot and at the 'Where Couture meets Cure' event on wednesday night - I'll post my video up soon! She is definitely destined for big things. 

And lets not forget about the lady behind the lens. Christine from Cai Photography snapped away capturing even the best behind-the-scene moments. Although studying criminology at Uni, Photography is definitely one of her passions and forte's. I'm really excited to see the finished product, its all a waiting game now - but never fear, I'll keep posting more exciting things to fill your time. I got cho' back!

xoxo your little lady,