Channelling my inner Ri-Ri, I was work ready! Ghetto glam was the theme for the day.
Bling, check. Loose harem pants, check. Hip-hop hair, check. Braids were my first preference but just way to hard for me to handle. GHD curls were the only way to get this side-parted, afro-inspired, Rihanna look without getting a perm. And we all know perm's on asian hair don't end well - got to thank my sis for finding this one out!

 Wearing Sportsgirl dress and sandals, Hipster pants, sister's belt, and vintage watch.

Many people asked where I got this 'top' from but it's actually a dress. So let's play a quiz! 
"Where did the rest of my dress disappear to?"
A. Tucked into my bra
B. In the drop-crotch of my baggy-baggy harem pants
C. I'm so damn tall, it's a top on me

If you answered: A. you'd be wrong and stupid. Sequins hurt and I would never (again) risk harming myself! Don't underestimate sequins - it's not fun to deal with when you skin is left scarred #SpeakingFromExperience. Now, if your answer was B. You're right! You've probably noticed that there is only so much sequins you can fit in yohhh drop-crotch, baggy-baggy harem pants. And if you answer was C. C'mon people. I'm pocket sized. A smurf, a hobbit. I'm lucky I'm not drowning in this dress. 

Hope I've sparked some inspiration for your next outfit! Ghetto-glam, try it sometime! It's fun. 
WARNING: Suga-daddy's and P-diddy's are bound to give you a bit of a wink ;) 

Happy Thursday! xo


  1. hahha defiantly not C!!!!! love the outfit booo you play GANGSTA heaps well xxx

  2. ahh you look super gorg!! LOVE the pants!! X


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