Halloween has come early.

Zara blazer, Sportsgirl broach and hat, Topshop singlet, Glassons pants, Funkis x Zanita clogs
What I tell ya? Halloween inspired. Not on purpose but once you put a a tee on that reads "BE AFRAID" in that typical halloween-style font + some orange, there is no doubt that my trip to cost co plus wanting to buy a bunch of orange pumpkins to carve has lead to this halloween inspired outfit. You like? P.s my dad didn't let me buy the pumpkins. He thought it was pretty impulsive of me. But what's impulsive about wanting to buy 2 or 3 pumpkins to play/get creative with although you've never celebrated halloween? Or carved a pumpkin in your life? Impulsive? naaaaahhh! 

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EDIT: Just found this on Topshop.com Now this shits for real. Halloween anybody? This is like Blackmilk meets Peter Alexander. One-sie hell yeaaa!!


  1. We really love your halloween outfit! That top is really cool! The blazer is awesome! We love it very much!

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  2. haha you totally look ready for a bit of chic trick or treating ;) X
    ps. would LOVE you to enter my super fab competition doll - promise you'll love! ;) xx


  3. Who are your sunglasses by? I have that hat, I love turning the brim downwards to get a cool 1920's look.

  4. Just love your orange blazer, you look AMAZING!


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