MarketHQ play cupid.

Yes, Christmas is not too long away, but if your super into future planning I bet you've already thought about Valentines day 2012. Yes it may be next year, but next year is only a few months away. So with that in mind, MarketHQ - the cupids that they are - have put together a competition to get my fellow single ladies (Cue: Beyonce) a man! Forget this 'mail-order-bride' business, MarketHQ have the goods ;) 

Win yourself a $1500 wardrobe and a date with contestant no. 1, 2 or 3 - they are all pretty fly so good luck choosing. Want to know the best part? you can nominate a friend! Who doesn't love signing up friends to things they may not particularly agree too? ahh it's only a minor problem when you think of the bigger picture - hello new wardrobe! And you may be doing her a favour especially if your
 A. Tried of your friend being a 3rd wheel? 
B. Annoyed that they're annoyed that you hang out with your bf too much?
C. Tried of them posting about how they want or need a photographer boyfriend? Oh wait, that would be me. 

Follow those simple steps and you my friend may be setup for life. See what I did there? You like that? Go get em' tiger! Let me know which contestant you think is most fly on my Facebook page here Meet you over there, and i'll let you know who I'm digging. 

MarketHQ have said it perfectly: When you've got a new wardrobe, you'll be begging the men to leave you alone and you'll have so many clothes you'll just have to ManRepel the shit out of them! Goodluck ladies!

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