Vintage sequinned jacket, Topshop top, Mossman dress, American Apparel skirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim boots, Vintage and Sportsgirl necklace
It's like playing pass-the-parcel with my outfit right now. Under each layer there's a little something something - Jacket: Sequinned. Necklace: blingin'. Shrunked-silk-dress: fluro. 

Can I get a 'woot woot' for an outfit post? Thanks to my fav. thing at the moment, my main man, Mr daylight-savings I was able to snap some pics after work (well after 7pm) yea yeaaaa! Daylight savings, summer nights and floating in the ocean will have to makeup for the white Christmas I won't be having this year... but who wants one anyway? Who wants Christmas with their family in Paris? Or New Years in Amsterdam? No, not I. -- wow that was painful to type. Let's be positive and brainstorm all the great things I can do in Sydney for Christmas and New years - I've tried this myself, and I'm hopeless. My list is non-existent so who wants to start it off? Help a sistah out! Let's make this Christmas season like a pass-the-parcel game too, it'll only get better day by day... Wow. How did this post become about christmas? My next post is about Halloween. I guess this is what happens to your brain when you work full time. 


  1. I love the green! you look awesome!


  2. Love the amazing styling you did on you look!

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  3. love your layering and use of colour! x


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